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Global ETFs tracking Topix Index Last Updated: Dec-01-2023

Fund Name Bloomberg Symbol Fund Sponsor Fund ISIN Fund Inception Date Net Expense Ratio Asset Class Exchange Name
Nomura TOPIX Exchange Traded Fund 1306:JP Nomura Group JP3027630007 11 Jul 2001 0.11 % Equities (Stocks) TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE
Listed Index Fund TOPIX 1308:JP Nikko AM JP3039100007 9 Jan 2002 0.09 % Equities (Stocks) TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE
Daiwa ETF-TOPIX 1305:JP Daiwa ETF JP3027620008 13 Jul 2001 0.11 % Equities (Stocks) TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE
MAXIS TOPIX ETF 1348:JP Mitsubishi JP3047060003 15 May 2009 0.08 % Equities (Stocks) TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE
iShares TOPIX ETF 1475:JP Blackrock (iShares) JP3048120004 19 Oct 2015 0.06 % Equities (Stocks) TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE
Lyxor UCITS ETF JAPAN (TOPIX) - D-EUR JPN:FP Amundi FR0010245514 11 Oct 2005 0.45 % Equities (Stocks) EURONEXT - EURONEXT PARIS
iFree ETF-TOPIX Quarterly Dividend Type 2625:JP Daiwa ETF JP3049170008 10 Nov 2020 0.00 % Equities (Stocks) TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE
SMAM Topix ETF 2557:JP Sumitomo Mitsui JP3048970002 16 Dec 2019 0.74 % Equities (Stocks) TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE
AMUNDI ETF PEA JAPAN TOPIX UCITS ETF PTPXE:FP Amundi FR0013411980 25 Apr 2019 0.20 % Equities (Stocks) EURONEXT - EURONEXT PARIS
Fubon TOPIX ETF 00645:TT Fubon AM TW0000064500 28 Oct 2015 0.99 % Equities (Stocks) TAIWAN STOCK EXCHANGE
Mirae Asset Tiger Synth-Japan ETF 195920:KS Mirae Asset KR7195920004 24 Mar 2014 0.25 % Equities (Stocks) KOREA EXCHANGE
China Southern Dingfeng TOPIX ETF 513800:CH China Southern CNE100003KY8 12 Jun 2019 0.20 % Equities (Stocks) SHANGHAI STOCK EXCHANGE
Korea Investment KINDEX Japan Leverage ETF H 196030:KS KOREA INVESTMENT TR KR7196030001 16 Jun 2014 0.50 % Equities (Stocks) KOREA EXCHANGE
KIM KINDEX SYNTH-Japan Inverse ETF H - Equity-Derivatives 205720:KS KOREA INVESTMENT TR KR7205720006 22 Sep 2014 0.50 % Equities (Stocks) KOREA EXCHANGE

Note: This table only lists the Top 20 ETFs globally by net assets tracking this index. A full list is available to First Bridge subscribers.