Fund Description
The SPDR DoubleLine Total Return Tactical ETF (the Fund ) seeks to maximize total return. Under normal circumstances, DoubleLine Capital LP (the Sub-Adviser or DoubleLine ) will invest at least 80% of the Portfolio s net assets in a portfolio of fixed income securities of any credit quality. Fixed income securities in which the Portfolio principally invests include securities issued or guaranteed by the U.S. government or its agencies, instrumentalities or sponsored corporations; inflation protected public obligations of the U.S. Treasury; agency and non-agency residential mortgage-backed securities ( RMBS ); agency and non-agency commercial mortgage-backed securities ( CMBS ); agency and non-agency asset-backed securities ( ABS ); domestic corporate bonds; fixed income securities issued by foreign corporations and foreign governments including emerging markets; bank loans (primarily senior loans, including loan participations or assignments whose loan syndication exceeds $300 million) municipal bonds; and other securities (such as perpetual bonds) bearing fixed interest rates of any maturity. The Portfolio may also invest in collateralized loan obligations, floating rate securities (including floating rate loans), variable rate securities, Rule 144A securities, and repurchase agreements and may enter into reverse repurchase agreements. The Portfolio may conduct foreign currency transactions on a spot (i.e., cash) or forward basis (i.e., by entering into forward contracts to purchase or sell foreign currencies).
Fund Profile
Fund Name SPDR Doubleline Total Return Tactical ETF
Fund Exchange Ticker TOTL
Fund Sponsor State Street (SPDR)
Fund ISIN US78467V8485
Net Expense Ratio 0.55 %
Fund Inception Date 23 February 2015
Fund Legal Structure ETF (Open end fund)
Exchange NYSE Arca
Listing Country Code US
Fund Investment Objective
ETF Type Specific Bonds - Broad Market
Asset Class Bonds
Index Linked Active
Index Name Not Applicable
Index Provider Not Applicable
Currency Hedged No
Inverse / Leveraged Not Applicable
Developed / Emerging Funds Combining Developed & Emerging Exposure
Bond Type Broad Market
Credit Quality Investment Grade Only
Average Maturity Fund Holds All Maturity Ranges
Bond Currency Denomination USD
Key Statistics
Return As of Date 14 June 2019
Asset Under Management 3290.14 Million (USD)
1 Month Total Return 1.11 %
Year To Date Return 4.56 %
1 Year Total Return 6.98 %
3 Year Annualized Total Return 2.72 %
NAV 48.6707
Share Outstanding 67,600,000
Top 10 Holdings (13 June 2019)
Constituent Name Constituent Ticker Constituent Type Weighting
TREASURY BILL 0 10/17/2019 BOND 0.0345888300
TREASURY BILL 0 02/27/2020 BOND 0.0280682400
TREASURY BILL 0 01/02/2020 BOND 0.0280618400
TREASURY BILL 0 08/15/2019 BOND 0.0280446100
US TREASURY N/B 2.125 02/29/2024 BOND 0.0245771200
US TREASURY N/B 2.125 07/31/2024 BOND 0.0226817700
FANNIE MAE 3 10/25/2042 BOND 0.0198188400
US TREASURY N/B 1.625 05/15/2026 BOND 0.0189701700
US TREASURY N/B 2.25 11/15/2025 BOND 0.0188569000
FANNIE MAE 3 08/25/2042 BOND 0.0122507600