Fund Description
The Fund is an actively managed exchange traded fund ( ETF ) that normally invests at least 80% of its net assets, including any borrowings for investment purposes, in a diversified portfolio of fixed income instruments. The Fund is not managed relative to an index and has broad flexibility to allocate its assets across different types of securities and sectors of the fixed income markets. The principal investments of the Fund include corporate bonds, U.S. government and agency securities, master-limited partners ( MLPs ) (tied to energy-related commodities), private debt, foreign sovereign bonds, convertible securities, bank loans, asset-backed securities, mortgage-backed securities, and cash equivalent instruments. To a lesser extent, the Fund may invest in dividend-paying common stocks. The Fund may also invest in various types of derivatives, including futures, options, credit default swaps, total return swaps and repurchase agreements. The Fund may use derivatives as a substitute for making direct investments in underlying instruments, to reduce certain exposures or to hedge against market volatility and other risks. The Fund may also invest in other investment companies, including other exchange-traded funds. The Fund may invest in fixed income instruments with fixed or adjustable (floating) rates. The Fund does not seek to maintain any particular weighted average maturity or duration, and may invest in fixed income instruments of any maturity or duration. The Fund may invest in both investment grade and below investment grade (often referred to as high yield or junk bonds) securities, subject to a maximum of up to 50% of the Fund s assets in below investment grade securities. The Fund will typically invest a substantial portion of the Fund s investments in securities of issuers with a range of credit ratings that have stable or improving fundamentals. Securities of these issuers include secured bank loans and below investment grade bonds. The Fund may invest without limit in U.S. and non-U.S. dollar-denominated securities of U.S. and foreign issuers, including investing up to 20% of its net assets in issuers located in emerging market countries.
Fund Profile
Fund Name Anfield Universal Fixed Income ETF
Fund Exchange Ticker AFIF
Fund Sponsor Regents Park Funds
Fund ISIN US90214Q7667
Net Expense Ratio 1.00 %
Fund Inception Date 18 September 2018
Fund Legal Structure ETF (Open end fund)
Exchange BATS
Listing Country Code US
Fund Investment Objective
ETF Type Specific Bonds - Broad Market
Asset Class Bonds
Index Linked Active
Index Name Not Applicable
Index Provider Not Applicable
Currency Hedged No
Inverse / Leveraged Not Applicable
Developed / Emerging Funds Combining Developed & Emerging Exposure
Bond Type Broad Market
Credit Quality Fund Holds Both Investment Grade & High Yield
Average Maturity Fund Holds All Maturity Ranges
Bond Currency Denomination Multiple Currencies
Key Statistics
Return As of Date 18 January 2019
Asset Under Management 49.40 Million (USD)
1 Month Total Return 0.35 %
Year To Date Return 0.40 %
1 Year Total Return
3 Year Annualized Total Return
NAV 9.98
Share Outstanding 4,950,000
Top 10 Holdings (18 January 2019)
Constituent Name Constituent Ticker Constituent Type Weighting
Telecom Italia Capital SA 7.175000 06/18/2019 BOND 0.0256486765884586873339455692
Leidos Holdings Inc 4.450000 12/01/2020 BOND 0.02003948219048118475746718
CITIGROUP INC BOND 0.018720986002439084131672226
ISHARES CORE U.S. AGGREGATE AGG ETF 0.0183376077881562301031617837
MGM Resorts International 5.250000 03/31/2020 BOND 0.0170824512707932675605738396
EMC Corp 2.650000 06/01/2020 BOND 0.0164733604069659558439269079
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV 4.500000 04/15/2020 BOND 0.0163726633831089485341161723
CABLEVISION SYSTEMS CORP BOND 0.0157291000875561003177452893
CREDIT AGRICOLE SA BOND 0.0156258140264336229075181945
CONSTELLATION BRANDS INC BOND 0.0149077841135934186591703075