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If you’re collecting ETF data manually or trying to standardize data across ETFs, you’re losing significant time & money. Our ETF holdings, classifications & analytics data is standardized across all ETF families. With our data and tools, generating insights for your ETF analysis goes from taking hours to minutes. Our clients are investment professionals ranging from individual financial advisors to $15BN hedge funds. They use us to boost productivity & grow their business, providing a quick payback.


Web-based tools designed for quick insight:

Raw data files for use in your internal systems

• Upload an ETF portfolio and get an instant snapshot of your stock overlap, sector and market cap exposure • Integrated file with daily holdings and weights for US listed ETFs & ETNs
• View & download daily holdings, weights and descriptions for any US listed ETF • Granular, unique classification information for all US listed ETFs & ETNs, that can be used for internal screening & research
• Get suggestions on similar, lower cost ETFs based on what you currently hold • Consistent data format enabling easy integration & analysis
• Find & sort ETFs based on multiple criteria including asset class, sector, strategy, index type, weighting scheme etc  
$199 / Month Starts as low as $1000 / month

Free 1-Month Trial: Upload an ETF portfolio and get an instant, client ready report on stock overlap, sector exposure and other metrics across your ETF portfolio.

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